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Why You Should Color Regularly :15 Benefits Of Coloring That You Never Considered Before

In terms of brain development, the benefits of coloring are great. Once you know what this simple activity can do for you, you’ll wish to color every day.

Benefits of Coloring
Benefits of Coloring

Perhaps you thought coloring was just a simple activity to keep kids entertained. Nope! It is so much more.

But first, do not fret about coloring within the lines. This is a skill that will develop over time.

  1. Coloring Helps With Focus When we color, we have to focus on small details. People who spend a lot of time coloring have better concentration and focus skills.

  2. It Develops Fine Motor Skill It may seem simple to us, but the act of holding a crayon and manipulating it as it moves around the paper requires the development of tiny muscles in the fingers, hand, and wrist. More specifically, the development of fine motor skills.  It can be beneficial for your kids or even adults or older adults as a helpful daily activity to exercise your wrist and eyes, brain and hands and so much more. All is developing quickly by coloring.

  3. Coloring Stimulates Creativity In Little Ones Coloring is creative heaven. You can think about and choose different color combinations. They can create whatever they want with the colors they have. This freedom gives your mind the opportunity to express your creative side.

  4. It Develops Handwriting Skills When toddlers color, they have no regard for coloring within the lines. However, as we get older, we start to learn about boundaries and coloring within the lines. This exposure to boundaries is one of many benefits to coloring as our brain learns to write.

  5. With Coloring, Children Develop Early Writing Skills Kids need hand strength and dexterity to manipulate a marker or a pencil on paper. By starting to color early, your kiddo will develop hand strength early, and learn to grasp a pencil or marker properly. Once they start preschool, this will be one less skill to learn. Instead, they can focus on writing.

  6. Coloring Develops Confidence As you complete a coloring page, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. This is a great boost to their self-confidence and self-esteem.

  7. Coloring Allows Self-Expression According to a UCLA survey, the average 1-year-old hears the word NO! more than 400 times a day. That’s astonishing. One of the great benefits of coloring, however, is that your child can express him/ herself. They are allowed to color whichever way they want.

  8. Coloring Develops Hand-Eye Coordination When coloring pages, you have to color within a specified area. In the beginning, this is irrelevant as you might be scribbling all over the page when you were younger, but later, staying within the lines develops hand and eye coordination.

  9. Coloring Develops Critical Thinking And Planning Which color should I use for the eyes, face, etc? Your little one will have to figure all this out as they get started and proceed.

  10. It Develops Recognition of Patterns As you color more and more, they will start recognizing patterns, lines, colors, hues, shapes, and forms.

  11. Coloring Is Therapeutic Coloring can be therapeutic, especially if done frequently. By coloring, we are venting our frustrations, feelings, and other emotions. You can see this sometimes when you get angry you start angrily scribbling over the picture with no regard for staying within the lines.

  12. Coloring Develops Patience Coloring takes time. This develops your level of patience.

  13. It Develops Early Color Recognition You may already be teaching yourself about colors, but coloring takes it to a new level. They now get to recognize and play with colors, first hand. Another one of many great benefits of coloring is that it teaches you lesser-known colors. People who learn early about the color wheel have an easier time understanding the mixing of colors.

  14. Coloring Enhances Language Development As you color, you may want to talk about the picture you just colored. This is excellent because your are learning new words and ways to express themselves. People generally use descriptive words to talk about the things they like.

  15. Coloring Is Great For Family Bonding It’s a great opportunity for you and your friends or family to spend quality time together and engage.



Coloring is not just a great activity, it comes with many benefits too! Here are just a few of our favorite coloring pages.

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